Celebrations held at St. Nicholas Cathedral

  The parish community group “Mothers in Prayer” of the St. Nicholas Cathedral Parish celebrated the 12th Anniversary of their service at the Cathedral on September 5, 2021.  The celebration commenced with the Hierarchical Liturgy, headed by the Most Reverend Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk) who was joined by co-celebrants, Very Rev. Serhiy Kovalchuk (Administrator of St. Nicholas Cathedral), Rev. Andrii Kuzniak (spiritual leader of the “Mothers in Prayer” group from Immaculate Conception Church in Palatine) Rev. Vasyl Miziuk (newly assigned priest to the parishes of St. Andrew and to Holy Wisdom in the Sacramento, CA locations) and Rev.  Deacon Ihor Khomnytskyy.

  Immediately following the Liturgy, the Most Reverend Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk) and Very Rev. Serhiy Kovalchuk warmly greeted the “Mothers in Prayer” community group and congratulated them on their special occasion.  There was also recognition given to the Most Reverend Bishop Benedict (Aleksiycchuk) on the 11th Anniversary of his consecration as a bishop.

  The celebration continued in the church hall and was attended not only by the parishioners of St. Nicholas Cathedral but by honored guests from several parishes of the St. Nicholas Eparchy.  The St. Nicholas Cathedral Parish “Mothers in Prayer” spiritual leader, Rev. Roman Bobesiuk, introduced the event’s spiritual-cultural program that was filled with testimonials about the powers of a mother’s prayer.  Particularly, Most Reverend Bishop Benedict spoke of his own personal account of his mother’s influence on his upbringing and on his own spirituality.  The celebration continued with several other persons presenting informative testimonials and historical background information of the “Mothers in Prayer” group.  Interwoven with the testimonials and historical data, was the accompanied musical compositions performed by students of Mrs. Ludmyla Krasniuk, which added to the celebratory atmosphere. 

  The event celebration was concluded with the presentation by the Most Rev. Bishop Benedict of an icon of the blessed Semeon Lukach, the patron of the “Mothers in Prayer” group, to the head of the St. Nicholas Cathedral Parish group, Mrs. Tetiana Shtoyko with well wishes for all the “Mothers in Prayer” members for future growth in their holy work.